Select a System -Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit- Wireless Home HiFi Music Players

Select a System -Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit- Wireless Home HiFi Music Players

Select a System -Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit- Wireless Home HiFi Music Players
Quality Bluetooth Amplifier and Ceiling Speaker Kits Whats Included in each kit? 2x Speaker kit: 30W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier 2x 80W Moisture Resistant Ceiling Speakers (perfect for a Bathroom) Amplifier Power Supply Cable Instruction Manual 4x Speaker kit: 30W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier 4x 80W Moisture Resistant Ceiling Speakers (perfect for a Bathroom or Kitchen) Amplifier Power Supply Cable 15m Speaker Cable Instruction Manual. 8x Speaker kit: 60W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier 8x 80W Moisture Resistant Ceiling Speakers (perfect for a large kitchen / room) Amplifier Power Supply Cable 100m Quality Speaker Cable Instruction Manual Ceiling Subwoofer & 2x Speaker Kit: 30W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier Amplifier Power Supply Cable Instruction Manual 160W Ceiling Subwoofer 2x 100W Low Profile Ceiling Speakers 25m Quality Speaker Cable 2 Zone, Multiroom kit: 2x 30W Mini Bluetooth Amplifiers (different Bluetooth names). 4x 80W Moisture Resistant Ceiling Speakers (perfect for a Bathroom & Kitchen) Amplifier Power Supply Cable Instruction Manual Accessories available. 15m Speaker Cable 25m Quality Speaker Cable 50m Quality Speaker Cable PLEASE NOTE As you can see from above, not all kits are supplied with speaker cable. Extra cable is available on this listing and it does not require any soldering or special connectors to connect the speakers in our kits to the supplied amplifiers. Overview Amp (30W & 60W versions). Our great mini amplifiers allow you to stream music via Bluetooth to 2-4 speakers (30W version) or 2-8 speakers (60W version).

Please note speaker cable is required to connect the amps to the speakers. Our kits include everything that you need to get this set-up and they are very easy to install. We have tested our kits thoroughly and it is truly impressive how good the sound quality that the amps and speakers produce (especially the ceiling subwoofer kit). Perfect for a variety of uses as this amplifier can be hidden above kitchen units, in ceiling voids (make sure ventilated and accessible).

Once set up and the power is connected, you don't need to touch it again to play music wirelessly. The amp also features mounting holes so can be screwed into place wherever is convenient. Only one of these amplifiers can be connected to your smartphone / tablet at once.

This makes connecting to each one via Bluetooth much easier. Perfect if you want to install 2 kits in different locations in the same house/building. (kitchen & front room for example). You can then play different music through each set of speakers at the same time. The 60w Amplifier supplied with the 8x speaker kit also has a 3.5mm jack input allowing you to connect a device that does not have Bluetooth (a TV for example).

Bluetooth Version 4.0 - Distance 10m Minimum. Net weight (kg): 0.128.

Power Input: 12V 4A (power supply included). 2-Way Speakers Max Power 80w Power RMS 40w Frequency Response 80Hz-18kHz Impedance 8 ohms. Moisture resistant Dual Cone Speaker. 5cm (2) Tweet with Mylar Cone. All Fixings supplied 130mm diameter, for fitting to a 114mm cut-out / Depth 65mm. 100W Premium Low Profile Ceiling Speakers. Woofer Size 265mm (6.5) diameter Tweeter Size 38mm (1.5) diameter Frequency Response 70Hz-20kHz Impedance 8Ohms Max Power 8Ohm 100W RMS Power 8Ohm 50W 100V Tappings 2.5W, 5W, 10W, 15W & 20W Mounting Depth 99mm Dimensions 102mm x 232mmØ Cut-out required for ceiling/wall 202mmØ. Magnetic Frameless Grille - Grille can be painted to match the colour of your décor Extremely low profile for a sleek and contemporary look Supplied with Dog Ear Mounts for easy mounting. Woofer Size 200mm (8) diameter Voice Coil 35mm diameter (Dual Wound) Frequency Response 39Hz-350Hz Impedance 2x 8Ohms or 1x 4Ohms Max Power 2x 8Ohm 2 x 80W = 160W Max Power 1x 4Ohm 160W RMS Power 2x 8Ohm 2 x 40W = 80W RMS Power 1x 4Ohm 80W. Mounting Depth 90mm Dimensions 101mm x 271mmØ Cut-out required for ceiling/wall 238mmØ Dual high quality voice coils allow for stereo audio to pass through the one speaker Gold plated Spring Terminals Supplied with Dog Ear Mounts for easy mounting. One PVC conductor is polarity marked - easy connectivity. Area per core = 0.6mm² (AWG 19 Approx) Copper Clad Aluminium CCA. Outer Diameter Per Core 3.00mm (Total 6.00mm). Blue line for polarity - easy connectivity (transparent outer insulation). 99 Strands with a 0.14mm diameter per core. Area per core = 1.5mm² (AWG 16 Approx). CCA (copper clad aluminium) Outer diameter per core 3.1mm Width of 2 cores combined 6.5mm (can be easily stripped apart). If you have any questions or would like a style of speaker that you cannot see, please get in touch. If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us.. Were always happy to help and offer advice. 25m, 50m and 100m lengths The maximum length of a single piece of cable is 100 metres due to the reel lengths. Banana Plug Connectors > > >. Connecting speaker cable directly to your speakers will not give you the best performance, as the copper speaker cable will oxidize and corrode over time. Most systems nowadays are jam-packed with cables running everywhere.

It is usually very hard to properly insert speaker wire into terminals and to get them tight enough to hold the speaker wire in place. Also, if great care isnt taken when inserting the speaker wire, stray copper strands that are not inserted into the terminal properly can potentially touch other terminals and cause shortages, resulting in permanent damage to your system. The banana plugs (on the right) eliminate all of these problems. Their designs encorporates a high pressure connection.

Wall Mounted Binding Post > > > Tidy up your system, run your speaker cable through your walls and attach to these face plates. Attach your speakers directly to these binding posts for an excellent finishing touch to any system. All our products are usually dispatched within 24 hours of your order being placed with us Mon-Fri. You are very important to us and our aim is to make you not only one of our customers, but one of our fans.

We're committed to bringing you high quality products. We are specialists in linking up audio and visual equipment. We do the hard work of sourcing the best quality cables. We research and engineer the cables ourselves for best performance. We specify the components of our products.

We bring them to you for excellent prices. We offer excellent customer service and help when you need it. We normally dispatch orders within 24 hours of receiving your order (Mon-Fri). Please view our Terms and Conditions. The item "Select a System -Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit- Wireless Home HiFi Music Players" is in sale since Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

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Select a System -Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit- Wireless Home HiFi Music Players

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